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Cutting Disks INOX 115X6.5 PROMA
Fiber Disk DA81 Grain 120 115X22
Fiber Disk DA81 Grain 24 125X22
Disc for deburring or stainless steel. Abrasive blade for polishing.

Flexible Disk A-VF Grain 280 118A 100X10
Lamela Disk 30X10 A120-B 6X40
Lamela Disk 52LA A60-B 30X10 6X40

Lamela Disk 52LA A80-B 30X10 6X40
Lamela Disk stem RG17 80 50X30
Lamela Disk With Stem 52LA A150-B 30X10X6
Ask to put in the drill for filing inox.
Sandpaper thickness: 80