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Plate Inox Cut
Personalize Fridge
Wash hands with pedal
We cut inox plate with any size. We make personalize fridge. We build the structure and electrical cables. Wash hands by measure

Smoke Catcher
Table Top
Personalize Workbench
We build personalize structure to catch smoke. Tops made with the measure intended by the customer. Workbench personalize by client.

Personalize Shelves
Personalize Drawers
Domestic Dishwasher
We make shelves with personalized sizes. We make Drawers with measurement define by client. Custom-Made Domestic Dishwasher

Industrial Dishwashers
Tray Door
INOX Table
Industrial Dishwashers custom-made. Custom-make Tray Door Custom-make table by the client.

Custom-Make Greenhouse
Wall Cabinets
Greenhouses with measures intended by the customer. Configurable the doors and drawers. Cabinets with customer defined measurements. Wall cabinet by measure to be defined by the client.

Sheet Metal Bending
Refrigerated Showcase
Refrigerators Cabinets
Stainless steel sheet bending in the desired manner. Refrigerated showcase to expose meat or fish, made in a personalized way. Custom-made refrigerator cabinets.

Bar Station
Board Cart
Custom make Grill
Personalize Bar Station Board Cart make using client size. We manufacture grilles using round rods or square rods. Both the configuration and dimensions can be defined by the client.

Charcoal Grill
Stand and steal Charcoal Grill